Investment in Sydney Stadiums is a brilliant and wise move

Sydney, 4th September, 2015

Just heard Premier, Mike Baird’s announcement of more than $1 billion for development of stadiums in Sydney.

This is the first big announcement about such investment after Sydney Olympics in 2000.

It was long overdue. It has apparently become possible due to “Poles and wires” privatisation, which received a tick by the people in March election.

Parramatta Stadium will be redeveloped with 30,000 seats which is a good boost from current 21,487 seats. Current one will be demolished and a brand new Stadium will be developed. This is a great news for Parramatta. Parramatta Stadium is the home Stadium for Parramatta eels and Western Wanderers.

ANZ Stadium in Olympic Park will also be developed with fully retractable roof. This 83,500 seater Stadium is the biggest in NSW.

Allianz Stadium in Moore Park will also be redeveloped with 50,000 to 55,000 seats, which is a significant increase from current 45,500 seats.

There will be one Indoor venue of 12000 seats in Sydney CBD.

Outer Western Sydney is likely to have a stadium either in Liverpool or Penrith. Liverpool, being the HQ of vast South West deserves to be a favourite.

Investment of this magnitude and nature is going to market NSW for big sporting and entertainment events. These facilities will be world class.

It will give boost to hotels, clubs and food industries, and will be beneficial to NSW economy.

I am particularly happy with the announcement about my favourite Parramatta Stadium, where work will start soon and will be finished by 2019.

Dr Yadu Singh

Anti-Vax Child care centres in NSW is a bad and irresponsible idea

Sydney, 3rd Sept, 2015

I am appalled with the news that a small group in Northern NSW is planning an anti-Vax childcare centre, catering to the children of those who do not want their children to be vaccinated. Northern NSW has one of the lowest vaccination rates.

This is grossly irresponsible and a bad idea.

Vaccination has been proven to prevent several diseases like Whooping cough, Diphtheria, Measles, Tetanus and Meningitis. There is ample evidence for their efficacy and safety. Countless children have been prevented from diseases and lives have been saved.

Anti-vaccination group are relying on flimsy and debunked evidence of no worth. There is no credible evidence that vaccination causes autism or any adverse effect.

NSW Government was absolutely right to commence “No Jab, No Play” policy, because there is significant risk to others if children without vaccination are allowed to be enrolled in such places.

Similarly, Federal Government was right to initiate “No Jab, No Pay” policy to deny family payments to those who refused to vaccinate their children.

“Under the new laws, if children have a medical contraindication to vaccination, are on a recognised catch-up schedule for immunisation, or if the parents or guardians are reluctant to vaccinate on religious or other grounds, the parents or guardian will have to produce Commonwealth forms that have been completed by a GP or nurse immuniser before entrance into a childcare centre.” (From Daily Telegraph, 3rd September, 2015)

NSW Government, Premier and Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, should not allow establishment of Anti-Vax Childcare centres in NSW.

I note that NSW Labor’s Shadow Health Minister, Walt Secord, has already announced NSW Labor’s opposition and offer of bipartisan support for a policy against such childcare centres in NSW.

I can guarantee that no medical professional will support establishment of such anti-Vax childcare centres in NSW and Australia.

Dr Yadu Singh

Labor Senator Lisa Singh deserves federal Labor’s intervention

Sydney, 30th Aug, 2015

Lisa Singh

Senator Lisa Singh from ALP is a popular and hard working politician. She is high profile too. She is particularly popular in, and liked by, Indian Australian community because of her Indian heritage, beside her abilities and leadership.

She received one of the prominent awards from Government of India “Pravasi Bhartiya Samman” for her exceptional service and contribution as a person of Indian heritage not long ago. This award is only for people of Indian heritage living outside India. Her father is a Fiji-Indian and mother is from English Australian background. She has been covered by almost all Indian ethnic media in Australia. She did reach out to various groups in Indian Australian community. She is an endearing, not polarising, person. She is an asset to ALP.

She is a member of Emily’s List and had co-founded Asbestos Free Tasmania Foundation.

She is a very productive member of the Senate and is a great orator. She is currently a shadow Parliamentary Secretary.

I have listened and interacted with her in various events and gatherings.

She has had extensive political and governmental responsibilities in Tasmania, and this included a position as a Minister, before being elected as a  Senator in 2010. She was the first person with Indian heritage who was elected to the Senate then.

People including I expected her to be re-elected for the second term in The Senate, but, with recent developments, this seems unlikely.

Due to very peculiar voting for preselection, little-known John Short, secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union will replace Lisa Singh and occupy the winnable 3rd spot in the list. Lisa Singh will be at the 4th place which is an unwinnable place.

SMH article explains it nicely. ( I quote the relevant SMH article paragraphs.


“Of the 542 votes cast by members, senators Urquhart and Polley received 221 and 123 respectively, with the unaligned Senator Singh close behind on 110. Mr Short was some way back with 74 votes, with the remaining 14 going to others.

However, that tally made up only half of the final result because under state ALP rules the 100 union votes are then combined with another 100 conference delegates – both of which are factionally organised – and their combined total of 200 is weighted to make them equivalent to the 542 rank-and-file votes.

Based on a loading formula in which each union-conference vote is worth 2.72 rank-and-file votes, the two halves resulted in Mr Short jumping ahead by a wafer-thin four votes, on 158 to Senator Singh on 154.

That meant he won the third and final winnable position, relegating her to the unelectable fourth spot.”


I and many others are disappointed and unhappy with this result because;

  • it is not right for ALP to continue and allow excessive and disproportionate  influence of Unions when Unions have only about 18% of Australian workforce as their members
  • it is not right for ALP to relegate the views and choices of rank and file this blatantly in preference to Unions’ interests
  • ALP should promote and support a performing and sitting Senator in preference to an untested Union member
  • ALP should execute its professed policy of promoting women in its leadership, and Lisa Singh matter is a perfect example where this policy should be demonstrated and executed
With this all, I believe that,
  • Federal Labor and leader Bill Shorten should intervene and endorse Senator Singh at the 3rd place in its Senators’ list.
  • Bill Shorten and Federal Labor should do the right thing and demonstrate their commitments to encourage participation of women in its leadership and Parliaments.
  • ALP should dismantle the entrenched stranglehold of Unions in its processes and pre-selections. Unions are known to do a lot of good jobs, and I know it first hand, but there is no justification for their excessive and disproportionate influence and powers in ALP or any political party.  ALP will do a lot of favours to itself if it acted in this direction and gave much more importance to the voices of its rank and file.
I also exhort Subcontinent Friends of Labor to lobby with Bill Shorten and Federal Labor in support of Senator Lisa Singh. This is the time to show leadership.
Dr Yadu Singh

Attacks on Harris Park businesses need to stop

Harris Park bullet attack 25th Aug

Sydney, NSW

26th Aug, 2015


Attacks on Indian businesses in Harris Park need to stop

Federation of Indian Associations of NSW is very concerned about spate of serious attacks on Indian businesses in Harris Park over the last few months. Last night, popular Billu’s Eatery in Harris Park was attacked with a bullet fired at the window at 9PM. This is the 4th in the series of serious crime, targeted at businesses in Harris Park.

People were lucky last night that the bullet did not hit anyone. There were 30-40 people inside the restaurant and many people outside on the street. It was a very close save. It could have been a fatality.

Businesses are very concerned about such attacks. These attacks are affecting them on multiple ways. Indian Australian community is equally concerned about such crimes. There is a serious disquiet, agitation and concern in their minds.

There are strong rumours, although not confirmed, that some people of criminal background are targeting Indian businesses with the purpose to intimidate and bully them to facilitate “Hafta” (Extortion of weekly money) collection. This practice is common in South Asia, but must not be allowed in Sydney.

Our businesses do not need or deserve to be intimidated, fired at, or harmed. They have all the rights to conduct their businesses without intimidation from anyone. Businesses are already struggling and such activities are the last thing they need.

We urge NSW Police, Police minister & Premier, Mike Baird, to do everything to get to the bottom of this whole thing in Harris Park and get the culprits out of action.

We urge Parramatta Council and Parramatta Police Local Area Command to organise a security and safety review of Harris Park area urgently and fix the short comings found after the review.

Dr Yadu Singh

President, Federation of Indian Associations of NSW Inc

0413 375 669,

INDIA DAY 2015 in Parramatta was a spectacular success

Press release

Sydney, 22nd Aug, 2015

INDIA DAY by Federation of Indian Associations of NSW was a spectacular success

India Day to celebrate Indian Independence Day on Saturday 15th August, 2015 in Parramatta was a huge success with 10,000+ people attending it throughout the day, starting at 1PM and finishing at 7.30PM. This was a family event, and alcohol-free event, which they enjoyed with food, fun, culture and kids’ rides culminating in a spectacular firework display, which lit the sky of Parramatta.

A variety of performances, whether it be singing, dancing or tributes to India were thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees. Apart from the entertainment, there were a huge range of activities on offer, including the Parramatta Eels’ hosting a ball throwing competition, face painting, bumper cars and other festival games. Many businesses presented their stalls to the attendees, meaning there was never a shortage of things that engaged the amazing crowd present.

Federation of Indian Associations of New South Wales (FIAN) is proud to have hosted this event with the support of Parramatta Council and businesses like Value World Travel, Western Union, State Bank of India, Air India, Multiconnexions, Telstra, Slim TV, SRK real estate, Bank of Baroda, and many others including media, especially Vikram Sharma from Voice of India-Monika Geet Mala and Arti Banga from for their invaluable support and promotion.

Lucky draw to win a free return economy ticket to any city anywhere in the world, courtesy Value World Travel, was a huge attraction for people who attended INDIA DAY.

FIAN thanks people and political leaders for attending India Day on 15th August.

FIAN President Dr Yadu Singh said, “We are thrilled with the huge success of India Day. Full credits go to the team which worked very hard to deliver this marvellous event for the community, which has sizeable presence in Parramatta and Western Sydney.”

FIAN Vice President, Mahesh Raj, said “Our hard work gave us spectacular results as 10000+ people joined in for the event. shows.”

FIAN’s Secretary, Satish Bhadranna, said, “I am proud to have a wonderful team which included John Niven, Kumar Madappa, Vicky Ahuja, Chand Chadha and Mahesh Raj, under the overall leadership of President, Dr Yadu Singh, which was the key factor in delivering this event. Bigger and better things are going to be delivered by this team for the community.”

Vicky Ahuja, Joint treasurer, said, “There is a need to involve younger segment of our community in events and activities of the community. We had created a medium to make this happen during this event and will continue to involve then in our future events and activities.”

FIAN thanks the gracious presence of the Hon Phillip Ruddock MP, the Hon Michelle Rowland MP, the Hon Luke Foley MP, the Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, Dr Geoff Lee MP, Matt Kean MP, Hugh McDermott MP, the Hon Daniel Mookhey MLC, the Hon David Clark MLC, Julie Owens MP, Julia Finn MP, Clr Scott Lloyd Lord Mayor Parramatta Council and many councillors for adding depth and strength to India Day.

FIAN is an Umbrella organisation of many community associations and individual members, with proven record of community work and services. They believe in outcomes for the community and work with focused approach for projects they take up. Selfless service, with accountability and transparency, is their guiding motto. More will be heard about/from them in weeks to come. They have an ambitious agenda for the community, which will be communicated soon. They are desirous of working with all good groups, people, businesses, media, NSW Government, Indian Government and Governmental agencies.

FIAN info:,,


Few pictures are attached with this press release.

More pics:

For further information contact Dr Yadu Singh, President, Federation of Indian Associations of NSW on 0413 375 669 or

Media, India Day Saturday, 15th Aug 2015 is going to be huge. See you there

Sydney, NSW

14th Aug, 2015



  • INDIA DAY-celebrating INDIA’s Independence Day is taking place, Saturday, 15th August, 2015, The Parade Ground, Old King’s School, 24a O’Connell Street, Paramatta 2150.
  • INDIA DAY in Parramatta is shaping up to be a HUGE event, with so much support from everyone in Parramatta and Western Sydney.
  • Indian Australians, who constitute 15+ of people in this region are supporting it with enthusiasm and zeal. INDIA DAY is everywhere in social media and local media including Indian media.
  • We definitely love Australia, and we love our Indian heritage within the overall ethos and values of Australia!
  • Federation of Indian Associations of NSW invites all media outlets to join us and cover this event of huge significance to a significant community in Western Sydney.

INDIA DAY 15 AUGUST Latest 11th Aug

Dr Yadu Singh, Sydney, NSW
Federation of Indian Associations of NSW
0413 375 669